Love Yourself First

Throughout my weight loss journey as featured in “The Click”, there was a LOT of “self talk” going on. Silly as it may sound, this was a big part of my success. It helped me lose 90 pounds.

I’m a firm believer that it all starts with you. You have to love yourself first. You are the only person you can truly count on during your weight loss journey. It begins and ends with you. Only you can control how much you eat, how much you exercise.

Love yourself. Tell yourself how much you matter. How good you feel. Affirm that you’re on the right path. Cheer yourself on. If you don’t, who will?

For the first part of the journey, I was living with my ex-husband and 19 year old triplets … 3 nineteen year-old kids who think they know everything. Can you imagine?

Teenagers at any age can be a challenge, but they normally come one at a time. These 3 outnumbered their parents from day 1, were raised as a group, and always seemed to think they had the upper hand.

Even as kids, they had regular “triplet meetings”, just the 3 of them, no parents allowed. No matter what, they’ve always gone to bat for each other, even in the face of stupidity. Did I mention that when they left home, they got a 3 bedroom apartment together? So yeah, they’re tight. Having had a somewhat solitary childhood, I envy their bond, but am truly happy that they have each other.

So… living with them and their father was a bit dysfunctional to say the least. Losing weight in the middle of all that was not easy, but I was determined.

Hence…all of the self love, self soothing, “you’re so wonderful” and “you got this” kinda stuff is because I wasn’t getting it anywhere else, ok?

You NEED this when losing weight, when living life, even if you have to give it to yourself! Don’t hesitate to tell yourself how wonderful you are.

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